Purchasing Concert Tickets

Getting concert tickets or tickets to a special event or party can be difficult. To get the tickets you want you make need to get into contact with some planners that are organising the event, for instance, if it were an important party in th centre of London,  you'd need to contact some party planners in london. This is particularly true if the event is a hot favorite with popular singers and performers billed to perform live. It's also important to contact the organisers ahead of time if you have special requirements or if you wanted to bring certain items like guitars. By contacting them before you arrive, they can accomadate your request and you won't have any awkward conversations at the front gate. The only remaining advantage now is that you don't have to stand in line all through the night waiting for ticket counters to open for tickets. Here is what you can do:

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Start by locating good online ticketing databases

There are good ticketing agencies online that have tickets for events from all over the world. Take the time to go through as many as five different databases to find the tickets you are looking for. This is important, as not every website will be up-to-date. Some websites may have regional tickets while others may have tickets of one particular artiste alone. For this reason, we recommend you search through three to five databases to local websites that retail the tickets you want.

Use Apps to find good websites that list tickets

Smartphones have made this so much easier with numerous apps that list tickets from all over the world. You can choose apps and then download them for your own smartphone. The apps will also have a reminder where you can put in a reminder for the tickets you want. Most apps will alert you when tickets become available or they will trawl through other ticketing databases to find what you are looking for. The apps will also sync with your home computer, laptop and tablet and provide reminders when the tickets become available.

Artist-provided ticketing services

This is one of the newest innovations on the internet and it is super useful. This ticketing service connects fans directly with artists and promoters to ensure that they get the tickets they want. These websites are great as they are connected to social media platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As soon as the tickets become available, customers and fans are notified and they can purchase the tickets directly from the event promoters or organizers.

Try ticket brokers

This should ideally be your last option as ticket brokers are expensive. These websites usually have large chunks of tickets that they buy directly from the event organizers. However, they resell the tickets at a profit and you will have to pay higher than normal rates if you want the tickets badly enough. On top of that, there is a very good chance that these tickets will get sold out very quickly.

Now that you know where to find the tickets, we recommend that you set up accounts at all of these websites. The websites will send you notifications when the tickets become available and you can buy the tickets immediately. Take the time to compare rates as much as possible to get a good rate on your tickets and try to book well in advance.